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The suicide squeeze is the riskiest play in baseball.  On the pitcher’s windup, a runner on third base flees for home before the ball even leaves the pitcher’s hand.  The runner’s trust is paramount: not only the self-assurance of speed and agility but also, perhaps even more so, the trust in his teammate to skillfully put the ball in play, assuring his slip under the radar across home plate. The only outcomes are glory or defeat, zero middle ground.  The 16 artists in SUICIDE SQUEEZE are the risk takers, the outlaws, barnstormers and innovators - challenging that middle ground where so much contemporary art safely lies - making what they make, having fun, putting in the work, risk/reward of little concern.  Yo Mama says don’t overthink it!  Just look at the painting, bend your knees and see the sculpture, crane your neck, arch your back, twist your hips; enjoy yourself a little and relax.  And then bolt for home.

SUICIDE SQUEEZE is a group show curated by Elias Necol Melad
OPENING reception:  August 26th, 2017 6-9pm.  Appointment hours through August.
Yo Mama Gallery pop-up space - 1426 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11216

The Studios of Elias Necol Melad, Greg Funk and Michael McGuire will also be open for viewing.

Artists included:

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